…, because originals deserve to be protected.
Protection against plagiarism
Verifiability for everyone

We as the My-Codes Company have the goal to create a globally accessible database which can easily and quickly check the products for authenticity. Therefore we offer manufacturers the opportunity to deposit for every single MY CODE characteristics for their products, to characterize and identify each product. A query is possible with the app or the website. In a few seconds you have the result if the product is a plagiarism or an original. Moreover, every My-Code gets a history. The user can print this in the customer center and can use it as authenticity for the sale (second-hand).



The output of My-Code ensues coincidentally. This prevents that counterfeiters take a random code and copy it. The query of counterfeit, user registered or unused My-Codes give a negative result. Each My-Code which serves for plagiarism identification can be registered after the purchase. For this the customer gets a password after the purchase. Afterwards the given password for My-Code can be registered. In this way the product is individualized. In case of loss or theft is the product assigned to the owner. Even a transfer of products with MY-CODES is possible. The transfer can be carried out by the registered users in the customer center.


By registration at the My-Codes website each product code gets a user profile. That is why stolen and lost products are assigned with the owner. This makes possible that My-Codes helps companies and public facilities to recognize unlawful goods.