…, because originals deserve to be protected.


The system is actually really easy - you protect your items f. ex. smartphone, Pad, money case etc. with an unique Code registered on your Name. With this code people all over the world have the possibility to restitute you your lost items. Another main point is the protection against plagiarism. Here we want more transparency for different products and customers of My-Codes. Because who can guarantee especially whether bags, watches or perfume are really original?


You have to register yourself on MY-CODES.de and specify your personal data in the private user profile To get codes you can access our shop via your user profile. You can get different forms of codes f. ex keychains or stickers. These will be send to you.  After getting this code you have to go to your own CODE-management and registrate your good. You can also determine a reward for the finder.


It is always annoying to lose your lovely objects. With our system we want to simplify the exchange between "finder" and "loser".

We have the possibility that both parties can directly exchange their objects and pass along the reward for the finder. But we also offer a more anonym way: the founder submits the object to My-Codes. After delivery and checking, My-Codes pays the reward for the finder. In the meantime My-Codes contacts the loser. The loser pays the postage and the reward back to My-Codes.

Safety is really important for us. Your data should be in good hands. Every user can decide on his/her own whether in case of loss your data should be shown to the finder or whether it should stay anonym. For example a key. Here acts My-Codes as transmitter. Stolen items like navigation systems or mobile phones are often tempted tobe resold. Here is My-Code an important evidence for the registration of the product.

Here we are working with different partners for building a big network. Our goal is it to make it possible to see if the product you will buy is a plagiarism or not. In future this should ensure more transparency by purchasing and offer more safety for the companies for launching their products and for bewaring them of plagiarism. Because every code is unique and it is assigned only once. By scanning the Bar- or QR-Code or entering the 10-digit code number the purchaser recognizes whether the product is original or not. Because not everything is really original!