…, because originals deserve to be protected.
Corporate Customers

It is all about YOUR originality!

My-Codes does not only protect private clients with their products we also offer solutions for companies. As a manufacturer, it is important to protect its products. Each counterfeiting means a lost revenue for the company.
Therefore, protect your products with the unique MY-CODES system.


Protection against plagiarism

Your products are often counterfeited and you are interested in how to protect your products immediately after production? Then we offer you individual solutions.
Encode your product from the start and let us do the rest.

We know:
- which product it should be
- where the product was manufactured
- which time was it manufactured
.. and can use this information for authenticating.
Track & Trace

Leave it to our system to track your products. You can use the data to improve your production processes.

We provide you the data of your products. Use this information to know which products are requested and where you can place your products optimally.
If counterfeit products are queried we are able to determine the location. If there is a accumulation of counterfeits we can specify the place an work against it.
How much does it cost?

This question is essential, but it can not be answered here.
The implementation is as individual as the product. Of course, a mass production machine requires a different strategy than that of a factory.
Contact us and we will inform you about the possibilities for My-Codes implementations.
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